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Use this form to add information to the online Calendar of Events sponsored by Birmingham AGO. We present this calendar in two formats: a short list of coming events is part of our home page, and the full Calendar of Upcoming Events is only a click away.

Please insure that events entered through this form have a significant musical component that sets them apart from regularly scheduled services offered by your institution. Regularly occurring church services should not be listed, for example, but special services, such as High Mass or Choral Evensong, not offered by a church on a weekly basis, should be included.

Complete the form by filling in all appropriate blanks below. Click "Continue" to submit items to the AGO On-line Calendar of Events.

Enter the date and time of the event by selecting the components in the fields below.
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Describe the event in this space. For example, enter "Spring Choral Concert" or "Choral Evensong" or "Organ Recital."
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Choose the categories under which you want people to be able to find this event. You may choose more than one category -- as many as apply. This information will not appear on the calendar, but will be used to refine the contents of the calendar when people see it online.
Birmingham AGO Chapter Meeting Yes No  | Organ Recital or Concert Yes No
Choral Concert Yes No  | Special Church Service Yes No
Masterclass or Workshop Yes No  | Other Performance Yes No
Use this space for a web site that has more information about the event. (Optional)
Use this space for an e-mail address that can be used by visitors to request more information about the event. (Optional)
Information you submit through this form will be available through the Chapter web site within three days. It will be reformatted and presented in a consistent way, following this pattern.
  • May 1, 2005. 4:30 PM
    • Choral Concert: "With Trumpet and Drums."
    • First Church Chancel Choir, Members of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. Mark Hayes, organ; James Cook, conductor.
    • Glorias by Dan Locklair and John Rutter.
    • First United Methodist Church, Birmingham
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