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Chapter Bylaws and Chapter Operating Procedures

It has been five years since work began on the current Chapter Bylaws and Chapter Operating Procedures. It is time to update them to reflect changes in current National AGO Bylaws and requirements as well as to make adjustments in how our chapter functions. The proposed Bylaws are streamlined so that there should be little need of future revisions. A number of provisions of the current Bylaws are incorporated in the proposed Chapter Operating Procedures. Additionally, we have eliminated the Sub-Dean officer position and propose reducing the number of members of each Executive Committee class from three to two members. This change in size of the Executive Committee from 13 (four officers and 9 members-at-large) to 9 (three officers and 6 members-at-large) more accurately reflects the needs and size of our chapter. You will also see that the proposed Chapter Operating Procedures allow greater flexibility in some areas, such as no longer specifically stating an amount for scholarship application fees, thus allowing this to be adjusted by the EC/chapter as needed.

As you read the proposed documents, text in green is new text in that document. The existing documents are provided below them if you would like to compare them. If you have questions or comments, please share them with Sherelyn Breland, chapter secretary, at (205) 664-1373 or

The vote to accept these 2018 documents will be included on our upcoming ballot for officers and EC class members. We hope you'll be able to review them prior to casting your vote.

Click one of the links below to access the proposed draft versions of the Chapter Bylaws and Chapter Operating Procedures.

Proposed Birmingham Chapter Bylaws 2018

Proposed Birmingham Chapter Operating Procedures 2018

Click one of the links below to access the current Birmingham Chapter Bylaws and Chapter Operating Procedures.

Birmingham Chapter Bylaws

Birmingham Chapter Operating Procedures