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Substitute and Interim Musicians

These members of the Birmingham Chapter of the American Guild of Organists are available as substitute or interim musicians. While most requests are for organists, some may be available as choir directors, soloists, or as other instrumentalists. It is up to the musician and church/institution to determine if the musician's qualifications are compatible with the needs of the requesting institution. Each one sets his or her own rates for services, and each one maintains a separate schedule.

BirminghamAGO Online is happy to provide contact information in the form of an e-mail address, but we will not divulge any other private information about any of our members.

BirminghamAGO Members - Substitute & Interim Musicians

Mr. Tim Biero
Mr. Sam Burke (not available Sundays)
Dr. Jim Cook
Ms. Alexandra Naylor
Ms. Marisa Pickard
Dr. Scott Roberts
Dr. Stephen Schaeffer
Mrs. Natalie Eubanks Tally


If you are unable to reach any of these individuals via e-mail, you may send a telephone number to our Webmaster. Your number will be given to the musician who will then call you.