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Welcome to our Chapter Archives.

The links below will take to to pages that we've posted on our web site in the past. Some are fun, others are poignant, particularly when you look at photographs of members long past.

If you have other materials that you'd like to see made available to everyone, send them on. We'd like to publish them here for you.

Birmingham AGO Family Album

Memory Teaser

Langlais in BirminghamWe posted this one last week, though we've come up with no definitive answer about where Mssr. Langlais played. Votes seem to be either for First Presbyterian or for the Cathedral of St. Paul. We do generally agree that the event took place in the 1950s.

BirminghamAGO 2005Here's another teaser, although many of us remember the event. It's a shot of the performers at the Chapter Recital at Mountain Brook Presbyterian Church, in March 2005.


Since we posted a questionbefore, here's one for this week: Did anyone actually time the recital? Didn't it last about a week?

And more seriously, can anyone name all the people in the picture?

More fun with Chapter photos coming soon. You can check out our progress and browse through all our catalogued photos here.


Newsletters Archive

Newsletters from the 2010-2016 Program Years

Copies of earlier Newsletters may be available. Please make a request of the Newsletter Editor if you would like more information.

2011 POE Photo Journal

Take a look at photographs of our successful 2011 POE for AGO Region IV!

1997 Region IV Convention

We're retrieving some old files, so you can see what we did way back in 1997. It'll be quite a trip through memory lane: poignant memories at times, and a good laugh at other times!

97 Convention CommitteeHere's a photograph of the Convention Steering Committee, courtesy of Linda Gill. (Not all members of the Committee were present for the photograph.)

Standing: Jamie McLemore, John Marberry, Stephen Schaeffer, Joe Schreiber, Ted Tibbs.
Seated: Bobby Sullivan, Linda Gill, Jim Dorroh, Warren Hutton.

1997 Regional Convention Web Site